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My name is Dr. Viktor Sirotin. I am an expert in software architecture, programming with specific programming languages, UML (Unified Modeling Language), model-driven software engineering and DSL (Domain Specific Languages). Since forty years, I am working in various IT projects in Russia, Japan and Germany in areas such as telecommunication applications, GIS (Geographic Information System), web applications, CAD (Computer Aided Design), computer graphics and medical statistics.

In 1976, I still was a student and earned my money for the first time as a programmer. It was a mathematical assembler program. Bits and bytes were my first building blocks at that time. Little by little, the blocks have become increasingly large: programs (in Fortran and Algol), modules (in C and C ++), applications (in Visual C ++), Web-based systems. In one of my last projects, I was involved in managing the system landscapes. The building blocks are therefore very large multi-user systems running on the server clusters.

The same technological advancement, that took hundreds of years in other fields of technology, happened in the field of IT within just a few years. I am happy that I, as an insider, have been able to witness this progress and have been able to participate a bit.

Although I have worked as a System Architect or Solution Architect in the last years, I have always tried to code something myself. I like to do this in my free time, especially with Java and some web technologies. You can see some links to my open source projects in the list of links.

Apart from programming, I am also interested in philosophy, mathematics, modern history, the board game GO and really good music. Actually, I am interested in a lot of other things as well.

You are welcome on this page! Start your exploration tour by visiting my Communist Number Shop (Link). It has this name because all goods are cost-free. :-) To Communist Number Store

I also invite you into my private museum. By and by, I will try to fill my museum with the exhibits that have relevance to my past career path. To Museum


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